2017年08月22日 (火) | 編集 |
“Hi. Look up”
A Jumbo jet descending just close to houses’ roofs from inland hills
to Hong Kong International Airport.
It’s first transit airport toward Nairobi, Kenya, in our family travel.

Its facilities were functional.
Easy of access to Transit room, where took short rest and waited for boarding announcement for flight to Colombo.

Victoria in Mahe Is., capital of Seychelles.
The island rich in white sandy beach, clear and blue sea, tropical fruits, birds in offshore small islands, and residents of sunny character.

Final destination Nairobi, capital of Kenya, after long journey with 3 transits.
It’s right on equator, but average annual temperature is about 18℃、owing to its land height of 1,600m.

3 daughters’ childhood started in this vast country full of colorful trees and wild animals, extending for memorable 5 years !